Vision, Mission & Objectivs


To reveal the advantages of science for national growth and socio-economic development in Nigeria


The Nigerian Association of Science Journalists, NASJ is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, The Nigeria Association of Science Journalists (NASJ) is made up of science and technology, environment, health, and development reporters, interested in providing a platform for interaction between the Nigerian scientific community and the media for the good of the public.

Through its annual International Science Communication Conference, ISCC, NASJ brings together scientists, policy makers and international science bodies to interact, advocate to make science a priority especially in Nigeria as well network to create opportunies for the collaborations for the science journalists and relevant stakeholders.


NASJ seeks to promote science communication and close the communications gaps that exist between scientists and the public, governments and sciences as well as the science journalists and the government in Nigeria.


NASJ organizes annually, International Science Communication Conference to continue to preach the gospel of science, the knowledge economy and its many benefits

NASJ organizes science cafes, an open dialogue forum were science is simplified and research that is able to change the status quo of the current socio-economic situation of the country is discuss with the aim of influencing government policies on research and commercialize as well as advocating for more funding for scientific research in the country.

Create opportunities for journalists to gain more knowledge through mentorship and fellowships;

Catch them young initiatives that mentors aspiring science journalists

Contributes to government policies on science by educating the public and influencing government decisions through press releases and talk shows on its online group

help normalize and breakdown science issues in the conventional media;